Washington State

Last update:  - This dashboard is built on multiple data sets from fedaral and Washington state data outlets. Refer to the resource page for the details .

Estimating the overall risk level to workers is based on a holistic interpretation of the infection risk, unemployment risk and occupation risk. Press any of the four risk buttons below to see details of specific risk levels. You can also click on a county on the map to see its details on the right panel. To get back the overall status of Washington State, click the button on the top left of the map.


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To cite this smart dashboad: Zhao, Bo, Marissa Baker, Kim England, Ellie Cleasby, Fengyu Xu, Jou Ho, Xiaoqi Bao, Kyle Roland, Yuke Cao. 2020. Smart Dashboard to illustrate COVID-19 Risk to Washington Workers, https://hgis.uw.edu/covid19-workers.

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COVID-19 Infection Trend
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