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Ethiopia has a long standing history of hosting refugees. The country maintains an open door policy for refugee inflows and allows humanitarian access and protection to those seeking asylum on its territory. The South Sudanese are the largest refugee population in Ethiopia, totalling 422,240 as of 31 August 2018.

Most of them reside in refugee camps in the Gambella region: Pugnido, Nguenyyel , Jewi, Okugo, Kule e Tierkidi. Pugnido is the oldest refugee camp in the Gambella Region of Western Ethiopia. Pugnido hosts South Sudan refugees who arrived in different waves – since 1993, in 2012 and following post-December 2013 conflicts in the country of origin. In May 2019 it was home to 68,176 refugees.

Number of Refugees in  Gambela

Country of Origin of Refugees in  Ethiopia